Colorado Pure "zeroTHC" CBD Capsules
Colorado Pure "zeroTHC" CBD Capsules

Saint Raphael of the Hills

Colorado Pure "zeroTHC" CBD Capsules

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Our Exclusive "Completely CLEAR" Colorado Pure CBD Hemp Capsules are hand filled with our Revolutionary 99+% Pure CBD Hemp Concentrate combined with a Non-GMO Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil to provide you the BEST BIOAVAILABILITY! Each dose can start working within an hour and can last 4-6 hours! 

Don't forget, you're able to customize your capsules, and target your needs by infusing our Colorado Pure True Terpenes on the Terpenes Page! Just read about the different terpenes and select the one(s) you'd like infused in your capsules! Please call me with any questions!


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